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Whether it was a precise tailoring feat or a noticeably nontraditional color palette, the best trends coming out of the bridal market were fresh alternatives to the classic princess gowns you probably have on your Pinterest board. Ahead, the biggest and most unexpected wedding dress styles for fall 2019 brides have been identified.


Designers took the season literally when dreaming up their collections, it seems, as one of the most prevalent silhouettes was the mock-neck. Cushnie favored clean, structured material to make the hint of a high-rise neckline on one gown; at Vera Wang and Laure de Sagazan, lace and chiffon added an extra layer to the neck-accentuating looks. If you’re looking for an alternative for plunging wedding dresses, look no further because they have it all

Pastel, but Not Pink:

White, off-white, and silver were benched this bridal season in favor of pastels—and we’re not even talking blush or millennial pink shades. Some designers, like Vera Wang, worked powder blue into a single standout gown; others, like Reem Acra, sent several lavenders and pale green dresses down the runway. These aren’t colors we typically think of when bridal (or fall, for that matter) comes to mind, and that’s exactly why it’s been loved 

Duchess-Adjacent Bateau:

For the first proper bridal season following the royal wedding,  anticipated seeing homages to Meghan Markle’s Givenchy Haute Couture wedding dress. And though designers refrained from embedding replicas of her ceremony gown into their collections, many did present riffs on her beloved bateau neckline.

Gold wedding gowns:

When you first heard the phrase “gold wedding gowns,” you probably wondered: How gold are we talking, exactly? (We definitely wondered the same.) Are gold wedding dresses just slightly darker and shinier versions of our favorite off-whites, or are they the deep yellow-golds we tend to imagine when we hear the word “gold”?

And truthfully, the trend is pretty varied. Gold wedding gowns come in subdued shades of beige that sparkle with gold accents, and they also come in saturated shades of shiny mustards, vibrant golds, and deep bronzes. In other words, the gold wedding dress trend is exactly what you want it to be—whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, a trend-chaser or tradition die-hard, a sparkly bride or strictly edgy one.

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