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The city of Philadelphia can boast of many mind-blowing locations where a memorable engagement photo shot can take place. Since shoots taken are mainly to remind and keep the event evergreen, therefore, the location has to depict and showcase the mood. From a flowery theme depicting fresh sweet love to ancient locations which indirectly points to the longevity of the relationship. Many persons may also want a location that is nearer to nature, with some, wanting more of exotic places. Everyone’s desire has to be met in one way or the other and that is why Philadelphia is unique. In term of location for the engagement photo shoot, this city has it all, but some places stand out from the rest. 

There are five unique places in Philly that can give any couple irrespective of their preferences what they want in a photo shoot. They include:

  • WISSAHICKON: This valley park which contains 2,042 acres of parkland that is located in the Northwest, offers the couple the taste of Philadelphia’s wild at their fingertips. From the ever crystal creek that flows through the woodland to the dramatic plants and animals that abound in this place. Couples are also offered the opportunity of taking endearment shots while hiking and traveling either on foot, bicycle or horse.
  • OLD CITY: Just as the name suggests, this location is dotted with many tiny historic alleys, ancient buildings and drawings, adorable shops and beautiful murals where couples can wander around. No matter the theme one wants, this place offers it in a classic way. This spot is also known as the birthplace of American independence and still houses the memory, so if you are someone that is love with antiques and ancient spot that have a natural touch, this location is definitely for you.
  • BOWMAN’S HILL WILDFLOWER PRESERVE: This is one of the best less tempered natural spot for engagement shot. It is surrounded by native green serene with a pond adjoining one end of the garden. The chirping of birds can also serve as an added advantage for a romantic theme. The place is opened to the public from 9 am to 5 pm depending on the time of the year
  • WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK: Many persons don’t know the hidden treasure that is discovered when a shot is taken here. It a hidden gem right in the heart of Philadelphia that produces different result or picture all year round. In summer, for instance, the combination of ever rich green trees and flower and the many gigantic architectural designs brings out a uniqueness craved and wanted by a different couple. In winter the story is different since whiteness is combined with structure to present a picturesque image.
  • MORRIS ARBORETUM: Magic is real in this location especially during spring with the bloom of cherry and the pathway lined with every green and luscious trees and flowers. The romantic event can even be taken further when the couple walks hand in hand to explore the place. It also offers endless spots and location for a shoot in its garden, streams, a pond, and even a formal rose garden. Flowers like azaleas and magnolias dot the whole area too.

One thought on “5 Places in Philadelphia To Take Engagement Shots

Michael Chadwick
17 October, 2019 5 years ago

Some places in Philadelphia require a permit, but many do not. Any city-run park (such as Race Street Pier) or building (such as the Art Museum. Water Works, or Second Bank) require a permit. Couples can get around this problem by using locations which do not fall under the City’s purview. This includes the park area and back side of the building behind the Art Museum, Elfreth’s Alley, and Logan Square, among others.

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