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About iDOPhilly

iDOPhilly began as a way to tell new and unique wedding stories, to spotlight local vendors and artists in the Philadelphia region who make magic for area couples and as an inclusive and diverse medium. We hope to make you feel less overwhelmed, less intimidated and more inspired by the wedding planning process. 

Part of the HomeMade Media family of niche publications, iDOPhilly was created by Philly-native and resident, Jackie Rupp, when she saw a need for more local inspiration and wanted to tell the love stories of real local couples. This single mom of two teenagers, quit her comfy day job and jumped headfirst into running her own company. 

In 2019 she expanded with two new niche offerings, a 55+ magazine thriving 55 and local Montgomery county monthly, @home MontCo. Oh, and then there are the cats. Jackie has lots of cats.  As a volunteer cat foster family with Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) there’s currently too many cats to count. If you’re looking to adopt, shoot us a message. We’ll send you an online application and info on the foster cats currently looking for homes. 

When not scooping litter or printing magazines, Jackie writes a blog and speaks on overcoming the struggles many women encounter in their daily life, from family dysfunction and dating horror stories to workplace inequality and balancing career/family. Her dream is to one day own a rescue farm and host lavish petting zoo parties with ponies in tutus and bottomless plates of pancakes.


Name: Jacqueline Rupp

Role: Publisher

Location: Philly

Nickname: Jackie (I wish I could list something more
embarrassing or unique, but nope.)

Passion: Hmm….I’ve always loved making magazines, I just think it’s so much fun. Outside of that, sharing my personal journey and experiences with bad jobs, bad dates and bad anxiety also gives me great joy, surprisingly.

Favorite TV Show at the moment: La Reina del Sur and old school Dynasty I love my novellas and soaps

Guilty Pleasure: Baking a Duncan Hines boxed yellow cake, milk chocolate frosting it while it’s still hot, regretting not waiting ‘til it cooled but still curling up in bed with two slices and a cold glass of milk and watching Dark Crystal with my honey, Gabe. 

Favorite Person to Have Dinner With: My kids, my boyfriend, my bestie, my kids’ friends and my dad…I like big dinners and ordering lots of apps

Something not many people know about me: I really hate talking on the phone, if I haven’t called you, it’s not you, it’s definitely me.

What hidden gem would you take a visitor to in your town?

Definitely Meadowbrook Farm, it’s a gorgeous, never crowded mansion with beautifully manicured grounds with lots of water effects. It’s a great place to sit and talk or read and journal.

What hobby brings you the most joy?

I’m not sure if it brings me the most joy, but I recently got into diorama making and it definitely challenges me in new ways and frustrates me endlessly sometimes too. I love adding the little details, like tiny pieces of fabric “blankets” tucked into tiny dressers. It reminds me of being a kid and playing with my My Little Pony dollhouse.hyujooo

Name: Reuben Michael E. Balisi

Role: Art Director/Design

Location: Philippines

Nickname: Mike

Passion: My passion is to be good at what I do, to be the best version of myself. I also have a passion for designing (graphic designing) a passion for arts and painting.

Favorite TV Show at the moment: Vinland Saga, Hero No Academia

Guilty Pleasure: Watching K-movies and anime 

Favorite Person to Have Dinner With: Family, loved ones, friends!

Something not many people know about me: hmmm this is a bit hard to answer haha

What hidden gem would you take a visitor to in your town?

Somewhere near where I live I would probably say: Rainforest Park, Las Farolas ‘The Fish World, Trampoline Park,  Ace Water Spa

What hobby brings you the most joy?

Watching movies/tv shows/anime

Name: Saad Rehman

Role: Digital Director

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Nickname: No nickname. It’s pretty short already 😉

Passion: Travelling and Football/Soccer.

Favorite TV Show at the moment: Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Guilty Pleasure: Watching Romcoms. Like a lot.

Favorite Person to Have Dinner With: My Mom!

Something not many people know about me: I am sensitive, only a handful of people know that.

What hidden gem would you take a visitor to in your town?

There’s a place called Beaumont lawns just outside my town. It has one of the oldest trees and several other beautiful attractions.

What hobby brings you the most joy?

Watching Movies and Walking/Hiking.