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Is there anything more exciting than receiving a compliment on a dress and then revealing that it also cleverly conceals pockets? Yes! Finding your dream wedding dress that is armed with virtually invisible but totally functional pockets! Gone are the days of making your maid of honor carry everything (maybe!) and gone are the days of wondering what chair you left your clutch on as more and more bridal designers are introducing sleek pockets into their collections. Worried about the pockets being bulky and unflattering? No need, as they are designed to blend seamlessly into the fabric of a full skirt or a structured silhouette like a jumpsuit. Another pocket plus, if you’re among those that are not quite sure what to do with your arms or hands when taking a photo, you can use the pockets to your advantage to pose casually and confidently.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress that will ensure you are never without your cell phone or favorite lipsticks, then a gown with a pocket is the perfect solution to your problem. 

One of life’s simple pleasures is discovering that a really pretty dress just so happens to have pockets. Why? Because you can store things in there, and it’s not just limited to your everyday frocks; it’s especially handy to have pockets on arguably the most important dress you’ll ever wear: your wedding dress.

Of the many things, a bride has to worry about on their wedding day, being able to carry their belongings has always been one of them. Imagine how romantic it will be if you offer your hubby a chocolate bar right from your pocket, wiping off the sweat from your face and then returning the handkerchief to an unknown destination (your pocket), “These dresses proved that it’s possible to look beautiful, feel amazing, and be practically equipped for the day, and I hope it encourages other brands to up their game on this as well.”

Gone are those days when the chief bridesmaid is the right-hand man of the bride, she carries all the personal effects of the bride, ranging from her phone, face wipes to make-up kits making the bride frustrated whenever her chief bridesmaid is not around. The bridesmaid on the other hand now acts like a zombie, following the bride wherever she goes, as a result, she is incapable of attending to other pressing needs including natures call. Also, these gowns with pockets now serve as a relief for the poor husbands who been the only one with a pocket is responsible for carrying some or most of the bride’s personal stuff. Now there is an equilibrium as the wife can now comfortably carry her own effects and the husband as well, what a relief. 

This pocket gown also has another advantage, imagine losing that precious jewelry that accidentally fell off as a result of one malfunction or the other, or losing a golden watch that was slipped into your hands as a gift by a friend just because you don’t have a safe haven to keep it properly. So why not save yourself the regret now by going for a gown with pockets as this will help save you from such regret

Photo credit: Pixabay @ Pexels

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