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Jeff Ashe, Ashe Productions
Cinematic Memories: Getting the Wedding Videos of Your Dreams

What can a couple do to help a videographer capture the best shots?

To capture the best video of a bride and groom on the day of their wedding, you should just be yourselves, act natural so it will look authentic and not fake on film. If you’re a little nervous in front of the camera, let your videographer know so they can adjust for that by either backing up and using longer lenses or try to shoot more unobscured. 

What equipment should a couple look for a good videographer to have in their supplies?

I think one important question a bride and groom can ask about their videographer or cinematographer when it comes to equipment is what type of cameras do you use and do you have backup equipment. There are many types of cameras available now and many produce great quality video but the best are the ones that produce good quality in low light. Most venues turn the lights down so a camera with a good sensor for low light is best. Backup cameras, mics and lights are a must. If a videographer does not have backup equipment then they and you are taking a huge risk.  Another good question to ask is do you use a second camera or safe camera during important moments like the ceremony or toasts? Anything could happen during recording or a videographer may have to move while shooting so another camera is handy for cutting to during post production. 

What are some good questions to ask a videographer to get a feel for their skill and quality with weddings?

View their samples or highlights online and ask them how long have they been shooting weddings. Also ask what is your style and could you give me an idea of how you shoot weddings. Do they shoot with different lenses to get different looks? Do they try to get artistic cinematic shots throughout the day and details to help tell the story. 

How long after a wedding should a couple expect it to take to receive their final cuts?

After a wedding is filmed, usually there are hours of footage to go through, multiple cameras (should be at least two) and audio to be synced.  Also color correction, multi cams to cut up and music to be chosen and inserted. This takes hours of work and skill to produce beautiful wedding videos. I believe a reasonable time depending on how many weddings the videographer or company do per year to receive the final film back is anywhere from 2 to 6 months. We know everyone would like their wedding film right away so we offer wedding trailers or quick films soon after to get you excited while waiting for the other films. 

How much input can a couple have on the style of the film, music, voice overs, etc? 

It depends on the videographers style and what they offer but we always like to ask the couple if there is anything they like in particular. In fact we have questions on our questionnaire that will ask the couple those certain questions. However most brides are not editors and filmmakers and don’t really know music or have a feel of what music will work with their footage. Sometimes it takes us a few hours to find the right fit for their highlight. When it comes to style usually the couple will contact us because they like our style so they won’t ask for something completely different. 

What are some of the current video trends for weddings that couples should think about including?

What has become very popular lately is using a drone or aerial footage. Cinematography has become very popular in the wedding industry in the last few years so that’s what most couples are looking for. Cinematography is an art form and it’s about storytelling. 

How long should wedding videos run? Should there be multiple?

I think everyone should have a 5 to 8 minute highlight to share with family and friends and an approximately one hour film to show what the ceremony and reception was like. We love to give our couples both so they have the option to enjoy a short film to share and then be able to relive their wedding day just like it happened in a documentary format

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