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It’s your big day! But that’s doesn’t mean your body’s going to cooperate every step of the way. Between hangry moments, walking down the isle jitters and airplace germs, we got you covered. Stock up, pack a bag of essentials to have on hand throughout the day (don’t forget to include bottles of water!) and you’ll be feeling good well after the last dance of the night. 

  1. Rainbow Light: Gummy Vitamin C Slices:

What’s inside: Antioxidant Protection: Contains natural vitamin E for antioxidant protection

How they’ll help: Immune Support: All-natural super boost of vitamin C to support immune health, because who wants to be sick on their honeymoon? Helps support healthy skin and blood vessels

Good to know: Allergy-Friendly: NO gluten, wheat, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish or shellfish. Available at CVS, Target and RainbowLight.com, $12.99.

  1. UpSpring: Stomach Settle :

What’s inside: Formulated with ALL FOUR of the top proven natural remedies – ginger, spearmint, lemon, and B6 – to immediately soothe upset stomachs. 

How they’ll help: Whether it’s wedding day jitters or too much time on the party bus, these drops promise to help quickly relieve occasional nausea, motion sickness, gas, bloating and other digestive upset

Good to know: As the lemon ginger flavored drops dissolve in your mouth, the micronized formula is quickly absorbed so you’ll start feeling better within minutes. Available at Target, Amazon and UpSpringBaby.com, $10.99.

  1. Gaea: Olive Snack Packs:

What’s inside: A savory, low-calorie and healthy snack to throw in your bag or take on-the-go.

How they’ll help: Olives, besides having been shown to benefit your heart, brain and bones, are also a great snack that keeps you satisfied without filling you up. They’re a great go-to when you’re hungry and the reception dinner is hours away.

Good to Know: These guys are 100% natural, containing zero additives or preservatives and very low salinity. Packed in a handy resealable package, without liquid (no drips on your dress!), these sub ripened olives come in three yummy varieties: Pitted Green Olives Marinated with Chili and Black Pepper, Pitted Green Olives Marinated with Lemon and Oregano, and Pitted Kalamata Olives. Available at Walmart and GaeaOlive.com, $1.47/bag.


  1. Bluebird Botanicals: THC-Free CBD Oil:

What’s inside:  This new isolated CBD extract is emulsified in fractionated coconut (MCT) oil and is the perfect blend for those looking to enjoy CBD oil without the presence of THC. Contains 1,500+ mg Hemp CBD per fluid ounce

How they’ll help: CBD is being used to help with symptoms of anxiety, OCD, social anxiety and PTSD. Remember, it’s best to check with your primary care doctor before trying a new treatment. 

Good to know: This variety is vegan, GMO-free, gluten free and sweetener free. Available at BluebirdBotanicals.com, $39.95.

5. Munk Pack: Protein Cookies ($6.99/4-pk):

What’s inside: Features 18 grams of plant-protein per cookie making them the perfect on-the-go snack to help you power through the day.

How They’ll Help: High protein snacks have been shown to be more filling and provide more energy than sugary-bars or candy. They’ll help keep you going when there’s no time for a meal, but your stomach is grumbling. 

Good to know: These vegan and gluten free cookies that are soft baked and filled with fiber and come in three flavors: Double Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle. Available at Target and MunkPack.com, $6.99/4-pk.

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