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From Inna Ovsepian, Photographer:

Marley and Sam, the most wonderful, whimsical and unique couple I’ve ever seen. They proved that long distance relationship can lead to something special and so magical! They are so strong,so open, so real and so nice. Working with their families was such a dream! Sam is a professional soccer player and coach and they met while he was in Poland with his team.They met at a bar and somehow Sam knew it was their destiny. He was smart and brave enough to approach Marley and start a conversation with her.

They went through a lot before they finally tied the knot at gorgeous Peter Shields Inn in Cape May. At the reception, Marley and Sam surprised everyone with a movie they created for their parents and family members. The movie tells the story and dynamics of their relationship along with gratitudes and lessons life taught them over the years.
We had such an extraordinary day… from gloomy rainy morning to a beautiful blue sky with amazing clouds,breeze and warm sun. We could not believe it. Even the weather was cooperating!
The day started with a beautiful Intimate ceremony on the steps of Peter Shields Inn in Cape May, NJ. What a gorgeous venue! Decor, details, lots of white color,location – unbelievable match for a boho wedding with a hint of classics. (exactly the way Marley planned it).
The most remarkable thing about their wedding is that they made us all cry. The whole room was filled with so much warmth, love, and happy tears. Their fairytale proves that miracles happen. We just have got to want it so so bad and work very hard towards our happiness. The Universe will handle everything else.

Atlantic ocean, Polish songs, family performance of Hallelujah on grand piano and video that’s better than any speeches or toasts I’ve ever seen or heard. We are so thankful for being there with them on such a special day.



Venue: Peter Shields Inn
Photography: Inna Ovsepian Photography

Video: Mike James
Flowers: Cape May Florist
Dress: Daria Karlozi
Hair/Makeup: Say I Do Hair and Make up


You can watch Marley and Sam’s tear-jerker wedding video:

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