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In 2001, Shore 2 Sea Travel (https://www.shore2seatravel.com/) was founded to provide personalized service to those looking for specific travel needs. Since then, they’ve gained the knowledge and experience necessary to find their clients the best deals based on their specific preferences. “We’re committed to making travel as easy for you as possible,” So we asked Janessa Davis, travel agent and group specialist for some advice on working with a travel agent and picking out the perfect romantic destination. 

What’s your advice for narrowing down a honeymoon destination?

For many a honeymoon is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take the trip of their dreams, so couples should really take some time and discuss the destinations they would absolutely love to experience together.  But it’s also important for a couple to be realistic and keep their budget in mind, especially after the expense of a wedding. This may limit their options a bit, but a great travel agent will be able to give suggestions of destinations that will still make for an amazing experience and hit on what the couple really wants to experience on their honeymoon.

Why work with a travel agent? 

There are many reasons to work with a travel agent, such as their expertise, their research skills, the connections they have with different wholesalers and other travel companies, etc. but I think the biggest selling point on why a couple should use a travel agent while planning their honeymoon is to reduce stress!  Planning a wedding is a stressful time for all involved, but planning a honeymoon doesn’t have to be. With the help of a travel agent, it really can be a fun, enjoyable experience with a great reward at the end of it. . . their absolute dream honeymoon that was achieved stress-free!

Some people think a travel agent adds on an additional cost and they can’t afford it, what would you say about that?

Some agencies charge for their services, but from my experience and talking with other smaller, home based agents, this is NOT the case.  Travel wholesalers (ie. Expedia, Apple Vacations, etc.), resort and hotel chains, excursion companies, etc. that travel agents work with already have a small percentage built into their pricing that is paid to the travel agent upon booking.  This is NOT added to the overall cost of the trip, it is already included. So if someone books a vacation on their own, they still pay this built-in percentage, it is just not paid out to a booking travel agency since one was not used. So I say, “why not take advantage of a travel agent’s expertise and time at NO additional cost to you!?!” 

Also, a lot of agencies have connections with booking companies that offer special discounted room rates, free upgrade opportunities, additional amenities and much more. So in addition to receiving an agency’s help at no additional cost, there are many other benefits of working with a travel agent!  

Tell me about the ways you plan a honeymoon differently than you would a typical vacation?

I think it’s really important to get to know the couple and figure out exactly what they are looking to experience on their honeymoon!  And of course keeping in mind that after all the stress, emotional toll of a great wedding, a honeymoon should be a relaxing and just plain enjoyable time for the new married couple.  So focusing on providing this type of experience is key when planning a honeymoon!

What are some of your favorite locations to suggest?

For those who are just looking to disconnect, relax and not worry about too much. . . an adult-only, all-inclusive resort (http://www.sandals.com/index.cfm?referral=134842) is a great way to go.  There are so many great options in the Caribbean (https://www.islandroutes.com/) and Mexico that would make for an amazing honeymoon!  Of course, there are couples who want to explore, take in the local culture and be active.  For those, some awesome destinations would be Croatia, Iceland, Italy, Australia and Hawaii (https://www.shore2seatravel.com/).  But the options are endless and a trusted travel agent can truly help identify the ideal destination for a couple’s dream honeymoon.

When selecting a travel agent, what are some things to look for?

Look for someone who is attentive and available, whether it be via email, phone or in person.  Also someone who really wants to get to know you as a client and wants to make things as enjoyable and seamless as possible during the planning and booking process!  Again, planning a honeymoon should not be a stressful experience, so find a travel agent who is dedicated to making the experience enjoyable with the couples’ absolute dream end result in mind!

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