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Ironically, I met the love of my life doing what I love. It was a last-minute decision I had made late on a random weeknight. I was at the gym running and I suddenly had this feeling I can’t explain. I was already packed up and set to move to Florida for school in just two months’ time, but I decided I should try and make a little extra cash before I go.  I jumped off of the treadmill and drove to my favorite local bar. As I walked in, I spotted the manager I knew very well, and I told him I would love to work there. He was happy to hear this news and told me to start the following afternoon. Little did I know, that spur of the moment decision and the very next day would change my life forever. The next day I walked in eager to get started when something caught my eye.  There was a beautiful blonde girl working behind the bar and I immediately got nervous. The manager walked up to me and introduced me to Devan, and told me that she would be training me that day. I recognized her immediately. We ran with the same group of friends, I had seen pictures of her in the past and I had heard of her, but somehow we had never actually met. We hit it off right away and I felt like I had known her my entire life. I always say that it was fate which led me to make that decision at 11p.m on a random Tuesday night, and it was fate that ultimately led me to the love of my life.

Both full time bartenders, Brittany works at a well-known Italian restaurant in southern New Jersey, and Devan works at a popular sports bar nearby. “We both really enjoy working with the public and meeting new people, being social, and helping others to let loose and enjoy themselves.” 


The official length of time we’ve been together is three years and eight months. When I say that out loud it doesn’t seem right, because of everything we’ve been through together, and how quickly things happened. It feels like so much longer. I met Brittany at work in September 2015, she moved to Florida in November 2015 where I followed her without reservation, and we built a life in paradise together for a while. We’ve seen and experienced so much together that it feels like we’ve been together forever. 


One of the things that caught our attention when we first met was that we couldn’t believe how similar both we and our lives were.  It actually blew our minds. We found out that we were both big time soccer players growing up, into high school, and then even in college. We played the same position our whole lives, and even had the same number which was lucky number seven. We both had female Chihuahuas named Zoey and Chloe, we both have two brothers, we are the exact same height, have the same blue eyes, are both bartenders, have all of the same friends, grew up right around the corner from each other. Most importantly each of us has a nephew who are around the same age, and who are our entire world. I always say she is the better version of myself.  I know a lot of people believe that opposites attract, but when it comes to us, we’d have to humbly disagree.

Brittany and Devan’s wedding décor was very elegant/classic.  Brittany went with a ballgown style dress, while Devan selected a fit and flare dress.  Bridesmaids dresses alternated between champagne and rose, two colors which were also represented in their sand ceremony.  Brittany and Devan changed into flats featuring rainbows for the reception, and included matching “Mrs. and Mrs.” letters on their sweetheart table.

  • Venue: Scotland Run Country Club, Williamstown NJ
  • Photography: Michael Chadwick Photography (https://chadwick.photography/)
  • Flowers: Michael William Florist
  • Dress: Claire’s Fashions
  • Tuxedo Rental: n/a
  • Hair/Makeup: Bella-Angel
  • Caterer: Scotland Run Country Club
  • DJ and Photo Booth: Time Productions 
  • Officiant: Mark DeMuro 
  • Videographer: Mondo Video
  • Cake: Stella Baking Company


Michael Chadwick Photography
Address: 520 Stokes Road Suite A-7, Medford NJ 08055
Phone: 609-975-9766
Email: info@chadwick.photography
Website: http://chadwick.photography
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chadwickphotog
Instagram: @ChadwickPhotog

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